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Aura and Me

By on June 25, 2016

The nature of my Aura attracts the good the bad and the nastyAura is key to attract good fortune, attract people such as mentor luck . It is an unseen energy force that surrounds each person, thing and environment that most people would not see. The quality of this aura is a direct reflection of the inner state of the health of that person, object or environment.”

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Our own bodies energy field is called the aura. This key field protects us from negative forces or negative energy. In many cultures negative energy is called bad luck.

Aura has a mysterious way of attracting people and events of the same character. Thus the secret key is to adjust your Aura into positive state so that everyone with the positive Aura will feel much more comfortable working, talking and meeting you. Remember you attract the people and events base on your type of energy. The magnetic force generated attracts good events and attract people with strong and healthy aura to you ONLY if your Aura is equivalently good. However if your Aura is negative, positive and successful people will subconsciously have negative views formed as their intuition is telling them to stay away from you.

  • Positive Aura will then protect us from negative / bad luck. It also attracts others who are positive to the person.
  • Negative Aura will then do us harm bringing negative / bad luck. It also attracts others who are depress and negative to the person.
  • There is some truth in the quotes “Luck comes in succession – one after another – aka series of good luck or a series of bad luck” 
  • Key – Always maintain positive Aura – Break the vicious cycle of negative Aura


In the modern world that we live in, the economy requires us to constantly struggle between income and debt. The difficult situations, road blocks, anxieties all comes from negative thoughts, negative speech and negative energy. The huge wheel that feeds Negative speech and negative thoughts is actually “Negative energy”. It is impossible to identify the source of this negative energy. However it is entirely possible to “PURGE” and “REDUCE” this “Negative energy”. 99% of you and me has energy jam, similar to traffic jam. To improve luck you will need to first remove this traffic jam


Relating to the constant struggle between good and bad, this is a constant struggle between good energy and bad energy. Once you have negative energy under control and removed, you give opportunity for positive energy to do its work. Positive energy grows and opens your senses to the world of possibilities.

And once you reach the tipping point, your senses and inner self opens up to the guidance of angels and higher self that guides you to the goals that you want to achieve. Many millionaires or billionaires who shared their personal story recounted times when they reached a crossroad and somehow a inner voice tells them to take a particular path. And there a few years later they are successful.


There is a wealth of information of how to tap to these guides for help and it is not my intention to teach or share as there are better teachers around. What I am going to share is where and how you can use “white sage” to purge the negative energy so that the free space can be occupied by the positive energy that you generate. Then it is your free choice to tap to these inner voices.
That inner voice is within each of us. But many do not know how to tap into these, until they are at the verge of desperation.
However, you need to be aware that only yourself can generate positive energy. Once the negative energy is weaken, you should follow your religious beliefs, mediate or pray to invite positive energy to fill the new space.

Thus the first step to fortune is to clean your aura and then strengthening your Aura.


Does negative energy exist? Negative energy was discussed.  Article on Today newspaper 31 Oct Sat 2015

Keep home energy positive and strong. Negative energy loves to linger on homes with poor positive energy