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Power of Strong Aura

By on June 26, 2016

“Successful and powerful people can sense and have strong intuition of the people around them. With a strong and positive Aura, I have a better chance of getting myself a special connection or X-Factor to them. – People of the same positive Aura connects; Positive events somehow comes to me more effortlessly”

Attract Good Fortune – Use White Sage for Good Luck and Fortune


When you make wishes or request during the special occasions most of the time these are not answered. This is because there are too much negative energy blocking your wishes. White sage smoke helps to send your wishes to the higher entity or your target of worship. As white sage smoke removes negativity any bad energy blocking your wishes are automatically removed thus allowing your wishes to be effectively heard. Now that you know, combine white sage with your prayers and wishes by performing a pre-cleansing first.
Another powerful way to invite abundance of prosperity is to use White Sage to cleanse your good luck charms, rings, pendants and especially fengshui items, crystals and gems. White Sage can recharge these items by removing the negative energy accumulated and restore back to it energized state. And finally the betterment of overall luck will surface into the X factor of confidence especially for business man and woman.

Use White Sage to Remove bad luck (remove bad Qi) and protection 


White sage is internationally recognize for its protection, cleansing abilities. The smoke from white sage clears evil and bad energy. The White Sage leaves acts as a protective element against negative effects. Used by Native Indians to purify both mind and body and to bring in protection, drive away evil, remove bad luck, remove misfortune. For customers who like to purchase used items, White Sage is a must to remove any lingering energy of the previous owner and past. Do not underestimate the amount of negative energy that the previous owner accumulate.

Use White Sage to Aid healing and Total Wellness 


Sage refers to healing and White Sage has the ability to provide spiritual healing that surfaces into healing of the physical body. It is the most effective traditional herb with the ability to calm the mental, personal aura and provide empowerment of your spiritual space core to total healing. People with poor health are usually accompanied with bad aura or negative energy. This is no secret why hospitals are so filled with heavy negative energy and negative influence. To help healing with modern medication requires motivation and strong aura with strong state of mind. However for people with long term illness, their aura are already damaged.

White sage smoke can help by providing a protective shield around the aura. This prevents the aura from constant bombardment by negative energy until a time when the aura is strong itself to withstand further shocks. Science has proven the existence of aura as electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5 ft. A healthy person has a bigger and brighter aura while almost none for an unhealthy person. Just as the aura can be damaged, we are blessed that the same aura can also be healed through the use of appropriate materials or items.

White Sage is one item that can kick start the healing and recovery of Aura and bring out physical recovery and extension of image.

Use White Sage to Multi-Boost Overall Luck 


Luck is an outcome of choices. Good choices brings good events and thus good luck. Bad choices brings bad events and thus bad luck. Use white sage to remove negative energy or bad Qi so that your intuition is strengthen. With the dominating good energy remaining, you will begin to make good choices because your intuition now tells you to make good decision through the good energy. Good energy improves significantly your choice of good outcomes.
Here thus is the secret to why so many rich and successful attribute their success to good luck. This is because almost everyone is hardworking but almost no one except for the few make right choices enough to impact their social and physical wealth and well-being.
White Sage is for anyone who tried their very best and need more help to push through. White Sage is best recommended between the age of 25-45 because the incremental good luck attained will accumulate during these most critical years.
The good luck gained can be coupled with your energy for unlimited opportunities. This incremental effect is just like a bank account add-in in more and more. Also the most important life events also occurs during these ages and the ability to exploit is extremely rewarding.
Depending on individual White Sage can have an almost immediate effect of changing something positive in your life. Either you are worried about moving ahead with something or you are not moving ahead with a project. After cleansing, ask yourself for the answer and listen attentively to your intuition. After a few tries you will get it. Do not brush aside the voice. White sage clears the negative energy and enable you to listen to this voice and bring positive into your life or positive turning events.

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White Sage News around the world – Prince William & Kate Middleton experience a personal cleanse from White Sage in Canada 

The royal couple were later welcomed by First Nations people with a traditional Mi’kmaq smudging ceremony. They took part in a ‘smudging ceremony’, a ritual which involves a Mi’kmag elder lighting sage leaves and wafting the smoke with an eagle wing toward her and William – source 5 Jul 2011

White Sage News around the world – Simon Cowell cleanses his mansion 
The X Factor tycoon Simon Cowell, 52, at his Los Angeles mansion, saying they did a “great job
He said “I did it because if you believe something can make you feel happier then try it. I wasn’t trying to get rid of bad things but I believe your home should be peaceful.And two people came round today and said the house felt different. So you never know.”  – source 26 Sep 2012