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By on June 25, 2016


We have been providing this service in Singapore Since 2007 – Always remember to cleanse;

“When Life gets Hard – Smudge It “

The top situations the people fail to take care of their Aura – Fail to cleanse before wedding – Fail to cleanse before moving into a new home or resale home (this is the worst), Fail to cleanse after attending funerals, Fail to cleanse routinely when working at places of sadness, Fail to cleanse diamonds – Yes diamonds can be a source of negative / sadness imagine the places that mine this stone.

Never underestimate the effects of negative energy attached to your Aura.

I have my fair share of painful moments and now I live my life to the fullest. My journey today opens me to reality. Success is a combination of both hardwork and good luck. Every second of hardwork is a time committed and I will not let bad luck waste my hardwork because good opportunities only come once. This has brought me to where I am today and I hope it will help uncover new opportunities in the future

I moved into my new home in fernvale and i feel uncomfortable. At times, i feel that someone is with in the room but i am alone. I tried smuding the house … same feeling the first week, but by the third week the feeling is gone. I now feel that this is truely my home.

I’ve finally removed that negative entity in my house. White sage has helped like nothing else. I’ve smudged with it the last couple of days and the air in here is now so clear

Renovation is the only time i can do a full cleansing. I am fortune to have found premium white sage. This second home feels so refreshing and the clean feeling i just cannot describe it. Definitely it is white sage… i know it

I am getting married soon and i have frequent argument with my partner and even my parents. Whatever I say they dont seem to want to listen. My friend recommended me White Sage. I smudged myself before the family discussions and i start to notice that I am now communicating calmly and clearly. Every preparation seems to go one much smoothly without arguments… I cannot explain it but it seems to be the smudging.

Many years ago, i had an unhappy relationship with my bf. It ended with abortion and we then go separate ways. I am now going to be married to my new bf of 3 years. However i felt guilty and wanted to tell him about the past. I was afraid but i know that i will always be forever guilty.  I came upon this site while searching for something to erase the past but i found a lifesaver. After cleansing, i feel positive and actually have the courage. One evening, i broke the news to my fiance and I was surprised after a little argument it all goes fine. I honestly would not have the courage if not for white sage.

Hi, thanks for sharing with us White Sage. It was our wedding night and my best night. My senses was totally open and i really enjoyed my special night with my husband.

It was ridiculous. I was holding this massive wad of dried weeds, with a burning tip the size of a  baseball. With smoke pouring out the windows, passers-by on the street looked up as though there was an emergency going on, actually pointing at my windows. I could hardly breathe and my eyes were watering up but I was determined to make the place mine, and I even had to unplug the smoke detector. I wound up burning a hole in the carpet…shhh, I put a chair over it, and fairly distressing the very persinickity upstairs neighbour who glowered at me from that moment on. But, it WORKED. After that day, the place felt like MINE. It was home.

My younger sis is now married and i am so happy for her. During the ceremony she shared that she perform pre marriage cleansing. I feel amazed by her attitude and i too felt a difference in her home today. How i hope that someone introduced me to white sage earlier.

The spiritual energy in my general little bubble — especially my home — feels completely renewed. And for all intents and purposes, I’m going to say it’s the sage. It had a cleansing feeling. Made the whole room feel good. You know how your car seems to run a little better after a good detailing and washing? Kind of like that.

Thanks so much for this information. I’ve heard of sage for decades and am almost embarrassed to say that the scent of sage burning has made me nauseous every time I’ve smelled this scent. Because of this article, I found my white sage and did a smudging around my apartment yesterday and it was incredible. No nauseous feeling and I actually love the scent now. I was inhaling deeply to take it into my lungs more fully. My apartment felt so much lighter and higher frequency after using this, I’m amazed at how powerful this wonderful plant / plant is.

I always felt uncomfortable staying at my place. At times there are funerals around here at the void decks… since young I have been sensitive to the spiritual. However i have not saved enough to move to a condo. I found white sage on the internet and experienced it. It cleared my house of the uneasy feeling. Now i am using this heavily on days when there are funerals and it makes the house totally different. I am sensitive and now it is working for me this is especially important for me during chinese ghost month and i am sure to keep some in my bag on my OT nights

I am getting married soon, but day by day i was getting worried till the stage that i am thinking of backing out of the wedding. A friend recommended me to White sage, after a few times, i feel totally different, the worries feeling is totally gone.

Recently i attended my best friends wedding. Just a few weeks ago she seems totally worn out. However during the wedding dinner she is totally different and full of energy.A few weeks later during a gathering she shared that she has been cleansing herself and every time she found new energy and a spirit of positives around her. I am now using white sage and starting to feel the positive energy around me.

Wow, i cannot believe it. It was a last min decision and my hubby and i were glad that we could get our hands on white sage. At the eleven hour just before our grand day, we performed a quick smudging. It was the best experience we had. The wedding night was totally ours and this is one day that i can totally experience the amount of blessings from the guest. Was it white sage? I am sure it is. Thanks again for helping us with the last min request.

My mom was super into smudging and Native American spirituality as I was growing up and I’m pretty sure every place I lived in as a child was smudged before we moved in. This practice had totally slipped my mind until I saw this post and made me realize I should do this in my own home.

Mdm Tan, I am a Buddhist and does not believe in aura cleansing. My health was deteriorating and as a 3 times cancer survivor, i have lost the energy and was just living day by day. I am both mentally and physically tired waiting for each day to pass. It was only after 3-4 months that my son started space cleansing. Slowly i find that i can experience and feel connected to the smile and laughter of people around me. Like towards my grandchildren, my mood lifted and it was later that i realize my overall health was improving.  Nothing in my routine has changed. Only space cleansing that my son routinely performed. What changed was an unexplained renewed easiness in my home and the home seems so much lighter. I also observed my children performing so much better in their career. I am glad that my son initiated this and i benefited. I hope that everyone can have an open mind and try this. It works for our family so i hope it works for you too. – Translated by Mdm Tan youngest son

Founder of SacredSageSG…. once upon a time, I was down on work, poor communication skills, no confidence. And events after events (unfortunate ones) made me feel that I should play it safe. Don’t say too much at work and hide under the table.  And then … i met my mentor who showed me that … Aura is our source of truth. The truth of confidence, choice that directs our speech, vision, body language. I am a converter of the power of Aura.  Over the years, I shared this with family members, close friends .. and then embark on the journey of SacredSageSG.

Recognize that energy connects each of us and perfecting the quality of this energy perfects

that connection link with each individuals. These is the source of feeling of security and attraction to others