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My Story

By on August 13, 2016

This is the story about me and how SacredSageSG was accidentally born.

2005 was an extremely bad year. It was the year where multiple factors all came together and made life torturing, meaningless and just totally seems hopeless.

I have been in the corporate world for more than 10 years, career was not going anywhere and soon i was looking for alternatives. I was exposed to stocks through friends and that beginners luck fell on me. Couple with the boom of china stocks, my investment increase tens of folds and I was a near millionaire. And that was when all hell broke loose. Within the next 2-3 years, one by one , these china stocks ended up worthless and i was heavily in debt.

Still convinced that i have the “gift” i dived into forex and that it where i ended with huge debt.

And there i was, I have an elderly mother, very young kids, and with finance institutions coming after me. Bankrupty was the constant reminder.


I began actively pulling myself up and look for ways to repay debts. Meditation, prayers, coaching through youtube… further pushing myself into my career. Stress built up tremendously but nothing positive came out it. Instead

  1. I could not focus at all with the stress
  2. My confidence level dropped
  3. My relationship with my family suffered
  4. Depression set in
  5. Suicidal thoughts keeps surfacing

It was at this time through a contact, I was exposed to smudging. A kind man explained the use of sage. A special kind of sage, a process of healing, regeneration and a technique. He is my mentor.


It was indeed difficult to start smudging and believe that it could work. I was focusing on quick rich goals and it just does not connect with smudging. However desperation push me to try. And that is the start of positive changes, where good seems to gather towards me.

The first experience was strange, difficult to explain – The heaviness in me reduced. Subtle feeling at first.

In the weeks that follows, my emotions became stable, heaviness was gone. I felt in control. I began my focus and organized myself.

I put in a plan and could stick to it..

Career took off and somehow, projected that i could shine landed on me. A series of promotions.

Banks become patience and we worked out very nice arrangement for repayment.


I started to share to friends. With more positive feedback, I was asked to start and help others. SacredSageSG was born in 2007.


I started into online business, several other businesses started.


I meant a mentor for forex and now i am on track to generate consistent profit.


It is easy to focus on the good that came. However what was crucial that is now clear to me was to ability to take back control, increase intuition and be at the right place, right action and right time. Without White Sage and that technique, i could not possibility have been able to manage that stress and take back emotional control. Now i always advice folks to seek professional help… even myself. However, as a human, i knew that at times, it is just difficult and some how some of us wants to be able to be in our shadow but still needed a way to make things happen.


I am happy that since the start of SacredSageSG, many have embraced and have similar success. If you needed help or you would like to strengthen your current situation, then look through this website, understand the purpose and use of White Sage and actively maintain an healthy aura. My take back was that negative energy exist, is constantly around us and if left uncheck, it affects our decision making thus resulting in poor decisions and poor judgement and poor actions. It affects how we react and thus make people stay away from us.


This is like the animal instinct; People who have the power and money tend to have strong aura. They tend to trust their intuition and this result in them staying away from you. Because the feeling is not welcoming.


I wish you all the best.