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By on June 26, 2016

“Aura exist in me and at home – Cleanse myself and my home to maximize the effect. Personal Cleansing and Home Cleansing is the two most effective combination when used together. – The home brings luck to all occupant!”; AND ALWAYS Cleanse before moving into a New / Resale Home

Use it when you notice the following situations are surfacing

Widely for Protection, Purify negative, Remove bad luck and Repel evil. Smudging is also done in some hospitals to repel / remove evil influence. The smoke bring mental calm, Bring Focus back to life, Career Luck, and for businessmen/businesswoman to bring about Positive mentality to drive sales target. This sacred herb is also used since many centuries to send blessings to God. The use is simple and the smoke is known to be powerful to deliver blessings to God.

Use Premium White Sage to quickly fix any leak in your positive energy. Imagine what will happen when you lose all positive energy and the vacuum is replaced with negative energy

  • Traces of bad luck or evil influence around him/her or family
  • Work with people or in environment with constant exposure to bad luck or evil influence
  • Unable to tap on benefactors luck or personal luck
  • Lack of motivation or energy. Feel drained of energy
  • Lack of direction or depressed
  • Bad temper and has problems controlling temper
  • Bad things seems to happen often.
  • Need protection to shield from bad luck or evil influence
  • Seriously want to eliminate any bad luck and give good luck a chance to make miracles.
  • Constant health issues Or staying with people with health problems
  • Exposure to scolding from customers

Protection – The number 1 use of White Sage
The smoke from White Sage is recognised even in Fengshui for its cleansing and protection ability. Fengshui masters uses these to cleanse and purge the artifacts of negative energy before infusing positive energy. In additional, White Sage has powerful protection ability. Since ancient time, native Americans has hung these at home to ward off evil. In the modern times, we keep a packing at home in a cabinet near the entrance as a warning to the evil forces.

For people on the road example Taxi drivers, Bus Drivers, Lorry deliveries, it is crucial to have one White Sage in the car. Many drivers experience presence or feel dangers at certain points during their shifts. At these time, if the driver is alone, take out the white sage and place it near you for protection. The presence is a direct warning to evil. It is extremely important to smudge yourself at the void deck before entering the house. This is to clean away any personal scent and prevent evil from following you back home. For family members, show your love and provide protection to your love ones whom are on the road by getting them one.

A special tip, perform smudging using White Sage on the following days (Festive days such as birthday of Buddha, New Years Day, Christmas, Vesak, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries) , after cleansing, perform your prayers and request for blessings. A purified mind and body can be thousands of times more powerful in sending your requests to God.

Fortune / Relationships Blissful Marriage – The number 2 use of White Sage Preparation for Wedding
Marriage represents the unity of both mind and bodies for both families. The preparation can create stress, happiness and many feelings among both the Bride, Groom and Family members. It should not be taken lightly that a pure spiritual affirmation brings about the blessings during the whole ceremony. A few days before the wedding, both bride and groom should purify themselves with white sage to bring in abundances of blessings and well wishes from Heaven and Earth. Should there be a new home or new room, smudging the home and room brings about a new start of abundances in marriage. The power of universe is unlimited and so is its blessings to the new couple. Bring this Good Fortune into your marriage.

Fortune Child Born – The number 3 use of White Sage For fathers who wants to enter the delivery ward
The birth of a child signifies a reunion of a new family member. Unknown to many, the journey to and back from the hospital can bring back both positive and negative energy. For fathers who are in the delivery room, this can alarm some of you. From Chinese perspective, going into the delivery room can bring in a lot of negative energy. Thus our parents whom know of this will encourage their son not to bring in any amulets or good luck charm into the delivery ward. This is because unknowing, the amulets and good luck charms will be stripped of any power. However what if we indeed want to experience this once a life event to witness the birth of our child. The answer is to use White Sage to smudge yourself and your home. First do not bring in any amulets or good luck charm as White Sage cannot re-inite the power. Then use white sage to smudge and cleanse yourself when you reach home.
*** Note many people have experiences a significant reduction in luck. Thus precaution is more important then rectification.

Health (Mental & Emotion) Sickly family member – The number 4 use of White Sage Improve Health and positive attitude to combating illness
Many studies have shown that a negative home creates health problems. Especially in pigeon hole sizes in singapore, the build up of negative or positive energy is fast and furious. Once negative energy reaches a tipping point and translates into illness it is too late. While there is still time, cleanse away the negative energy and give your health a boost. Do consider the use of White Sage should you have old folks at home. Give them a purified home that calms their minds. At a certain point in time, all of us will be go to a hospital to either visit a friend, family member or relatives or have medical appointments our self. Hospital as a place concentrated with patients inevitable has a lot of negative influence. In fact some hospitals have been smudging to repel and remove evil influence. In a modern society one would not have expected hospitals being technological advance in medical care to hold beliefs in spiritual healing and protection. Evidence shows that, in fact hospitals are even more aware of this fact. So do consider smudging frequently if you have sickly at home or someone in the family is always going to and from the hospital.

Other uses of White Sage that our customers tried and reported good outcome

Career Luck With a positively energised home, your focus and senses to notice opportunities is enhanced. You can experience positive relationships and allow your inner self to communicate with you on the potential opportunities or dangers that block your success to your career.

Business Luck This is extremely important for businessman or businesswoman. Your energy level will be noticeable by your clients. Your prayers and request for success are amplified because your are now focused and cleansed. By the way, for those who is in the property market or stock market, you will know that any negative energy can harm your objectives.

Ability to focus on Studies A positive home, gives energies to the children. Children will benefit most as their senses are pure. This translates into more focus on studies.

Others White Sage is known to help purify the home. For any home that experience “special” haunting. This is one of the avenue to purify the home. For children at home, this can calm the bad dreams.
*** White Sage is effective and the most potent sage to cleanse Negative Energy. Giving Positive energy a chance to fill in this space and create positive aura for you, your family and your home.
This connections opens up your chance for changes and luck into your life.

This is one of the most important tips for customers who practises fengshui at home. Use White Sage to cleanse and renew the energy. For money generating fengshui like money toad, winning horse, tian lu re-energize this for maximum power. This is a most for businessman and business women.


Additional comments Sage to quickly fix any leak in your positive energy. Imagine what will happen when you lose all positive energy