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Only for those who need help

By on June 26, 2016

Dear friends,
Premium White Sage is a gift given to us and we are happy to share this with anyone who needs it. If you are facing financial difficulties today and would like to give it a try but yet could not afford it, then please do approach us. However please remember that you must truthfully be in the situation that you cannot afford.

This help is a personal service from members of SacredSageSG. You should not add on to your negative energy or bad luck or burden by trying to benefit from the services of others. The seeds of negative energy results from greed will overwhelm any positive that you may receive.

Step 1 : Request for White Sage by sending an email to “”

We will not ask and we will not question. We will do our best so that you can receive as a priority within the next delivery. If possible we will also go out of our usual and deliver before the usual saturday (registered mail) in order to have it reach you asap. Your identity is a secret. You can choose to create an email account to mask your true email or even use any alias for the delivery. Whatever the case, we will not indulge into your privacy because we truely want to help you.

Just send an email title “I need help” so that we know your request. In the email, at least provide us your alias and address so that we can send one premium white sage to you. No worries, full instructions will be provided.

Step 2 : Seek blessings from your own religion (if you have) otherwise in general to your angels/protectors. Remember, after you perform the personal cleansing using our instructions, do find a time that you can be with yourself and ask the following.

“Dear protectors I am facing xxxx difficulties and I need your guidance and advice on how to overcome this. Please send me a message of any kind and please let this message come to me so that I can take notice and act upon.”

Repeat the following everyday moving forward and be attentive to any intuition. Act upon this and do not let any negativity or worries stop you.

Take care and may all blessings be with you just as it has helped us.
From Members of SacredSageSG – Singapore