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Aura Smudge Cleansing the Key

By on June 25, 2016

“A Strong and Positive Aura attracts the good, the fortune and the relationships. It deters and protects against the bad, the nasty and the misfortune.”

Introducing the key – Premium White Sage – Worldwide Recognized as the Power Sage for Cleansing Aura

Smudge to a better tomorrow


White Sage also called Sacred Sage or King of Sage is the most highly prized Western Sage found in the rugged mountains of south western California. It is considered the king of all sages. It is not available in Asia except by import and thus the cost is extremely expensive.

Premium – It is also very difficult to get authentic and pure White Sage. Lastly it must be handled with care during packaging and shipping to retain its properties. As you are now aware that Aura is an energy field, this the entire process of preparing, packing must ensure that a human negative aura does not affect the white sage. There are many white sage but only premium ones are specially prepared for the purpose of optimum cleansing.

Premium White Sage is the most powerful way to bring about the White Light Protection. Because of its amazing and powerful properties, this secret is kept within the knowledge of few. People who knew it by chance, by fate they tried it, experienced the positive effects and make this part of regular cleansing. People in fengshui, spiritual healing, visionaries, personal trainers, counsellors often during the course of the work pick up a lot of bad energies and needed ways to clear away these bad influence. However almost no one will share what do they use to cleanse themselves of the very bad luck and most will never share it. Think about it for a minute, why should they?.

Secrets of this powerful technique leaked years ago

White sage possesses antibacterial and decongestant agents that are scientifically proven to help treat strep throat, reduce mucus secretion in the respiratory system, inhibit coughing and generally boost the immune system. The USDA has even approved white sage as a legitimate treatment for eczema and other skin afflictions, after extensive tests have proved that the antibacterial properties of this “wonder” herb have lessened the symptoms of outbreaks. When made into a tea, white sage acts as a soothing, natural cure for stomach indigestion and sore throats, and may reduce sweating. White sage is also internationally recognised for its protection, cleansing and healing abilities.

From native Americans to Australians, many cultures have been using and many more started using White Sage in the recent years. It’s uses has spread from places of worships to personal homes, from hospitals to military installations. Even fengshui masters and western spiritual healers are using White Sage to cleanse themselves of negative energy.

White Sage secret was leaked out during one of a TV show in the western countries. A very popular spiritual leader was on an Interview and during the program she smudged using a bunch of leaves. It was later uncovered that this is White Sage, known to only a few natives Americans. Thus one can wonder why US remains the most powerful money creation country till today.

Grounding / Stress Control – Helps to remove and detach negative energy; Renewed sense of control

Helps working professionals, children facing studying difficulties, those climbing up corporate ladder. Imagine that respect that you can gain by your ability to push through difficulties.

Nervous type people who cannot concentrate well during pressure or task that requires greater focus and stamina will experience enhanced level of stability. Excellent for those who are now climbing the corporate ladder. It helps your ability to focus on the difficult task at hand. You will find it easier to tap into past knowledge and past experience that you do not usually recall. Smudging with premium white sage boost intuition and choice making making it possible for me to complete many difficult tasks which are beyond my level to handle.

Intuition for better choices – Removes negative energy thus enabling positive energy to help tune you to your objectives.

Applies to working professionals, people who need to make critical decisions. You decide your own future. You control what you will conquer.

Making wrong choices and not being sensitive to the needs of your customers and superior can dampen your career opportunities. When i use it, i am amazed by how it enhances my intuition to make much more beneficial choices. Looking back, there are many choices that seems bad at first but they all turned out to be right. This has never happened before. This helped speed up my career ladder and protect me from bad decisions. Smudging with premium white sage allows me to tap into deeper thinking that affects me to make better decisions for myself.

Healing – Removes negative energy thus enabling your aura to heal. Benefits your physical self once your Aura is re-energized

Helps those with relationship problems, health issues, people with low confidence those who face huge emotional stress. You bring peace to the family because you have decide to keep only positive energy

A person generates a lot of negative energy during sadness, anger, depression. These negative energy remains in the surroundings such as home and affects all others within the family. Negative energy is contagious and can be passed on from one family member to another. After repelling these negative energy, the body experiences stability and emotional control. Smudging with premium white sage brings elevated emotions to a state of calm. I am always surprised how a little smudging help lift the emotions in my home.